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Repple's glazed tile roofing sheet machine learning experience

Dec,11,2020 << Return list

  Through the explanation of glazed tile roofing sheet machine, bir roofing sheet machine floor decking forming machine , we can roughly understand the product profiles and useage produced by different equipment, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the products, and understand the process of equipment production and the structure of the equipment through the flowchart. And have a general understanding of the purpose and basic configuration of each stand-alone part. What is standard, what is optional, and the advantages and selling points of our equipment are also roughly explained.

  But there is still something unclear about the details of some equipment. In fact, the quality of our products can be better reflected in the details, so we should focus more on the details.

  Manager. Xu also gave a general explanation of the PPT content, and pointed out the errors and areas that need to be extended. Let us also understand that through a device to understand the configuration of similar devices. We have always emphasized that our equipment is of high quality, but through our own saying that customers may not have a clear understanding, this requires us to clearly understand the advantages of our equipment, and some details of the workmanship and materials, using pictures The form of video and pictures clearly show the quality of our equipment to customers. It must be convincing. Through comparison, customers can see the gap at a glance. So more work is needed on the details.