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The advantages of metal color glazed roof tile

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What are the advantages of glazed tiles produced by glazed tile roll forming machine

1. Exquisite modeling

Color steel glazed tile not only preserves the shape of traditional ceramic tile, but also shows an elegant beauty with rich and bright colors and strong decorative effect.

2. Light material and high strength

The weight of color steel glazed tile is only about one tenth of traditional ceramic tile, and the strength is also incomparable to ceramic tile, and color steel glazed tile also has excellent wind resistance and weather resistance, which can adapt to various environments.

3、Long service life

The surface of color steel glazed tile has been treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust for many times, so it is not easy to be easily oxidized, and its service life is usually up to 30 years.

4、Excellent waterproof

The slope of color steel glazed tile adopts seamless connection, and the sealing performance is quite excellent, which has the waterproof performance unmatched by other roofing building materials.

5、Short construction time

Color steel glazed tile adopts fast paving, the construction time is short, the price is relatively low, and it will not be affected by seasonal factors during construction.

glazed tile roll forming machine

glazed tile roll forming machine