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How many driving types in our roll forming machine

Mar,16,2023 << Return list

There are three driving types in our roll forming machine.They are Chain driving type,Gear driving type and Gearbox driving type.

Next I will tell you more about chain driving type.It is the most commonly used. Generally, it is driven by single chain, but it can also be equipped with double chains according to requirements.It is also divided into inner chain driving type and outer chain driving type.

Inner chain driving type:

Chain size below 1 inch choose inner chain;

The inner chain will set up at both sides type, and the driving level will be steady;

Not easy to maintain.


Outer driving type:

Chain size more than 1 inch choose outer chain driving;

Generally set up one side at the main roll frame;

Easy to maintain.

Can be provided with a protective cover, which is more beautiful and safer.

single chaindouble chains