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How to Change Difference Size C Purlin Roll Forming Machine?

Oct,25,2021 << Return list

c purlin machine

We have two type c purlin machine, one is manual change size, another is automatic change size.

Manually change size: which adjust spacers on shaft, up and down rollers.And change blade by hand, that is easy to operate.

Auto change size: there is slide on side of machine, and small motor driven,you can input difference size on touch screen, machine can change size automatically.Fast change size,about 5mins. Cutter blade can produce difference size, one cutter device is enough.

The picture above is a C U Z purlin machine, one machine can produce 3 shape, and size 80-300mm,change size controlled by PLC,it is very easy to change shape and size.So this is fully automatice C U Z purlin roll forming machine.

This machine component include decoiler, feeding device,flatting and leveling part, main roll forming machine,punching part,cutting part,PLC control system.The flatting part set up 7 rollers, all solid shaft with heat treatment,polishing.The main roll forming machine set up 18 roller stations.Punching part has 3 group punching system. Especially the PLC control system, all part choose famous brand in the world, like Delta,Omron,Schneider,mitsubishi.

If you are interested in this full automatic C U Z purlin machine, please contact with us.Welcome to your inquriy!