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Advantages of Our Roll Forming System

Aug,02,2023 << Return list

Roll forming system is the main part of roofing sheet machine. Every detail of it affects the quality of the finished product.

There are two forming types of our device:Integral forming type and Split forming type. Integral forming type generally only has 14-16 roller stations,so it relatively save the space. And the price is relatively lower. Split forming type will be more than 20 rollers so it need a larger space. And the price is higher than integral forming type machine. Compared with integral forming type, the product of split forming type is much better flatter and more beautiful.

The common shaft diameter is 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and we will select the corresponding model according to the customer's requirements. The shaft are made of 45# steel or 40Cr, which are all solid shafts. Although the prices of other manufacturers are low, they are all hollow shafts, which are easy to damage and affect the accuracy of products. There are some grooves on the shaft and roller, which are usually used in machines with thick steel plates, such as floor decking forming machine. Because of the strong interaction between the rollers, in order to prevent the linear speed of the shaft and rollers from being inconsistent, a groove is added to avoid the idling of the shaft. Some rollers are internally provided with bearings to avoid paint scratching caused by inconsistent linear speed. Its main function is to support the rotation of the upper and lower shafts, reduce the friction coefficient in the movement process, and ensure the rotation accuracy. Some company has not equipped the bearings.

In addition, we can add protective measures to the machine according to the customer's requirements or the import and export regulations of the customer's country. Including the protective net of main forming machine, protective net of gear box, chain box, etc.

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