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The Advantage of Our Hydraulic Decoiler

Jul,26,2023 << Return list

Decoiler system is used to unfold the coil to ensure the precision of the coil during processing. There are three types of decoiler in our company: manual decoiler, hydraulic decoiler and electric decoiler. Today, I will introduce hydraulic decoiler and itsadvantages in as much detail as possible. The hydraulic motor provides power to actively decoil and discharge materials, which can automatically stop and start according to the running speed of the main roll forming machine, and the variable speed motor can also adjust the output speed of the motor at any time. Compared with another two types decoiler, the speed of hydraulic decoiler is stable and adjustable. And its loading capacity is 5-15 tons and is stronger than others. It has Rotary arm, which is designed for convenient for loading and unloading steel coils, which can be easily operated and used by one person. So this device can save labor significantly.

    Compared with others decoiler, our company’s decoiler has the iron baffle ,which is used to prevent the direct contact between the coil and the machine in order to protect the machine from collisions. And the baffle is provided with two grooves. When the steel coil is hoisted by a sling, it can be conveniently accessed. It is different from other companies' products that our decoiler have four square tube arms. Others may be the square tube arms and three circular arc arms, which will make the coil deformed. But the four circular arc arms are very steady and will keep the coil in shape.Another feature of our decoiler is using dovetail groove instead of traditional connecting rod, for dovetail groove can adjustment mode of the decoiler is more stable and has better bearing capacity. And there are two types of loading car of our company: X Structure type hydraulic loading car and guide pillar type hydraulic loading car. The former has long travel distance but small bearing capacity, and the latter has short travel distance but large bearing capacity.