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Solution to twisting of C purlin roll forming machine

Nov,08,2022 << Return list

1. The calculation of the neutral layer in the deformation area is accurate, the calculation of the materials used in the deformation area is accurate, and the machining symmetry of the roller is good.

2. The non deformation area shall not be pressed as much as possible (such as the bottom of the slide rail), and the upper and lower roller areas shall be consistent during assembly.

3. Before the materials bite in, the guide bevel shall be set according to the rolling state of the front track. Before the stable compression, the materials slip steadily in the roll.

4. The machining accuracy of the roller is the key. Therefore, the special production tool is used under the projector and magnified by 20 times for detection.

5. The main drive side adopts roller taper bearings to make the radial runout of the main shaft be within 0.04mm and beyond, so that the main shaft will not move from left to right. There is a gap in the ordinary ball bearing itself, so the axial runout cannot be avoided in the drive.

6. The problem of bending and twisting in production is mainly caused by the unbalanced force. The left and right forces are unbalanced, the left and right bends, and the upper and lower forces are unbalanced. Solution to twisting of C purlin roll forming machine: balanced design, accurate processing, convenient installation and adjustment.