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How to maintain the roller shutter door machine?

May,07,2022 << Return list

Regular maintenance of the roller shutter door machine will improve its working efficiency. So, how to properly maintain the equipment? Firstly, make sure the cold bender is clean every time, with no obvious use of anti-grease. Secondly, in strict accordance with the requirements of lubricating models, add cold oil in time. The oil used should also be kept clean and suitable for shaping the suitability of the molding machine.

Thirdly, operate the best operating equipment. Care must be taken when not operating. Do not use the machine. Importantly, when the machine stops running, it is necessary to check whether the machine tool needs lubrication.

Above all, improving a good working environment and reasonable maintenance can work better and produce more high-quality products. Our door frame machine is widely used in the steel door or steel window manufacturing.