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Different types of shearing and pressing

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Generally speaking, the cutter will be lower than the pressing section by two pressing depths. However, if the pitch is too long or too short, it will cause damage. For example, if the pitch is longer than 350mm, the board will be wrinkled, and if the pitch is shorter than 160mm, the board will be bent. Therefore, the distance between the cutter and the pressing section should be designed according to the pitch, so the pitch needs to be confirmed with the customer.

roll forming machine

If the customer doesn't know the pitch yet, the cutter can be made to be adjustable up and down, left and right. When the pitch is long, the cutter will be raised a little, otherwise, the cutter will be lowered a little, but only the single-layer roof sheet machine can do this, but the double-layer one can't. If you want to produce a variety of pitch plates with large pitch span, you can make a machine that can adjust the distance between the cutter and the pressing device.