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Roll forming equipment itself and its process characteristics

Apr,30,2021 << Return list

Roll forming equipment roller forming is through the sequence of the configuration of the multi-pass forming roller, the coil, strip and other metal plate belt constantly transverse bending, to make a specific section of the profile. Roller forming technology is suitable for the production of large quantities of equal-section long workpieces, especially for the annual production of millions of large quantities of products, the adoption of roller forming technology is beneficial, economic benefits are considerable. At the same time, it can also be combined with a variety of technological processes to form a continuous production line.

Roll forming equipment adopts motor, whisker and high hardness roller, inclined block mechanical adjustment gap. Used for pole sheet roller forming. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency, safe use, simple and convenient maintenance. It is composed of feeding, roller pressing part, safety protection device and related electrical components. The whole machine is driven by motor. The main control part has start and stop button, forward and reverse adjustment, speed adjustment and indicator light.

Roll forming equipment in the process of operation and the same as the double drive pro-press machine, to a certain extent, a fixed roller, a movable roller, two roller speed is the same, and completely synchronous, relative operation, material from the upper feeding material into the gap between the two rollers is high pressure extrusion and crushing.

Roll forming equipment

Roll forming equipment