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Ibr Roll forming machine use Color coated steel plate

Apr,14,2021 << Return list

Ibr Roll forming machine use Color coated steel plate.

Color coated steel plate is a new type of strip steel pre-coated product that has developed rapidly internationally in the past 30 years. It is produced after chemical pretreatment, primary coating, finish coating and other processes on the high-speed continuous unit. The coating quality is far more uniform, more stable and more ideal than the quality of a single piece of spraying or brushing on the surface of the formed metal.

Color coated steel plate has excellent decoration, formability, corrosion resistance, strong coating adhesion, and can maintain a novel color for a long time. Because the color coated steel plate can obtain good economic benefits such as replacing wood with steel,efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention, etc., and it has become an ideal material for manufacturing building boards today.

Ibr Roll forming machine

Ibr Roll forming machine