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What are the advantages of PU Sandwich board?

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What are the advantages of PU Sandwich board

1. Created exclusively 4 wave roof panel in China for the first time, more powerful for snow load.

2. Exclusively adopt the 3 wave roof, embedded installation, dark nail waterproof technology, easy installation, guarantee 100% hold water.

3.Adopt the 40 cm peaks, increase the surface strength, easy drainage, reducing both snow load and wind load by 170%.

4.Super flame retardation

The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.023w/(m•k), which ensures better thermal insulation efficiency. In practice, this effectively keeps the building absorbing heat and brings enormous economic benefits.

5. Easy and quick installation

Compared with traditional thermal insulation methods, BRD use less material while the installation process is less time-consuming and labor-demanding leading to lower building costs.  

PU Sandwich board

PU Sandwich board