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Wooden roof easily aging how to do? Let's look at the metal roof tiles rolled by roofing sheet machine

Jan,09,2024 << Return list

At least 80 people were injured when the roof of a building collapsed in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The local fire department investigated and 

said unstable timber in the roof caused the house to collapse.


In Minas Gerais State, Brazil, the region has a humid climate and abundant rainfall, and the wooden roof is prone to aging, cracking, collapse and other 

problems under the influence of long-term exposure to moisture, sun exposure, insects and other environmental influences. In recent years, wooden roof 

collapse accidents have occurred frequently, bringing great hidden dangers to the safety of local residents' lives and property.

In this case, you may wish to consider the use of metal profile roof sheet  machine instead of wooden roofs. Metal roof tiles are made of corrosion-resistant 

metal materials, strong durability, excellent waterproof, wind resistance, high temperature resistance, and far longer service life than wooden roofs. 

Metal roofing sheets making machine produced by the tile quality is stable, easy to install, effectively reduce the risk of roof collapse, has a high safety. 

In addition, it can be recycled, reduce wood consumption, and reduce environmental pollution.

The high-speed metal roofing sheet machine produced by our company adopts automatic production line to achieve efficient and mass production, meet the needs 

of large-scale roof reconstruction, and achieve efficient production. 

high speed glazed roof sheet forming machine

Our company,a China glazed tile roof sheet roll forming machine manufacturers,can also provide customers with operation training and technical support of the 

tile press machine, and guide the factory production remotely. In addition to roof tile machine, we can also provide you with T bar ceiling frame roll forming machine

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