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How many types of the decoiler?

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The decoiler is one of the essential and important equipment in the production line. One of its functions is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole of the steel coil; The other is to send the steel strip head into the feeding part by rotating with the cooperation of the straightener.


There are three types of the decoiler. They are Manual decoilerHydraulic decoiler and Electric decoiler.

Manual decoiler

Passive Type

Simple Structure

Equipped with manual  wheel and brake, convenient for decoiling material

To Support the Coil and Make the decoiling

Loading Capacity: 5-10 tons

Inner Diameter: 450-550mm (manual adjustable)

Need to use a crane to lift the material manually

Compared with our company product, other company product doesn't have the brake, and it will appear the deposition of material


Electric Decoiler

The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the motor provides power to actively decoil and discharge materials.

When the size of the steel coil changes in use, the speed will be unstable and easy to break. Electric decoiler is generally not recommended.

Hydraulic Decoiler

Active Type

To start and stop working controlled by motor reducer

To Support the Coil and Make the decoiling

Loading Capacity: 5-15 tons

Inner Diameter: 450-550mm (adjustable)

Save labor

The working speed of decoiler is adjustable

Rotary arm design is convenient for loading and unloading steel coils, which can be easily operated and used by one person;

The core tension is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the hydraulic system is provided with a pressure maintaining device, so that the core tension can not be relaxed after the motor of the hydraulic station stops. The hydraulic motor provides power to actively decoil and discharge materials, which can automatically stop and start according to the running speed of the main forming machine, and the stepless variable speed motor can also adjust the output speed of the motor at any time.