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What are the functional characteristics of the tile press machine?

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color steel tile pressing machine

The components of the tile pressing machine include: color steel tile pressing machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, and automatic post-shearing system. Equipment features: The color steel plate equipment uses high-level automatic control software, color steel tile Machine to realize production information management.

The following tile press manufacturers introduce the following features of the tile press

1. The high-number pulse input function is required for the tile press machine. The high-number input performance is excellent, and the AB phase has strong anti-interference ability. And use the fixed value interrupt function to ensure accuracy.

2. The detection part of the tile press machine includes: pulse encoder for detecting the length of the color steel tile, the up and down stroke switch of the profile, the up and down stroke switch of the cutter, the up and down operation button of the profile, the up and down stroke button of the cutter, and the emergency stop switch , Hydraulic start-stop switch, etc.

3. The executive part of the tile press machine has a frequency converter drive motor, a hydraulic station motor, two hydraulic solenoid valves of the press type, and two hydraulic solenoid valves of the cutter.

4. The PLC has 14 inputs / 10 relay outputs, which just meet the input and output requirements. With KDN text screen, you can complete parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production data display and so on.

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