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The feature of guide feeding device

Feb,19,2023 << Return list

Set stainless steel rollers, two rows of transmission rubber rollers and two nylon pallets are used to assist the transmission of raw materials to prevent scratches on the paint surface of the plate.Otherwise, the service life of the steel plate will be greatly reduced.

lThere are chains or rollers in the lateral orientation device to avoid scratches.

lWith four hand wheels to adjust the width and the position of the feeding material, making it more stable accurate.

lSimple structure and low cost;

lInconvenient use, slightly poor accuracy;

lThere is a risk that the platform will scratch the color plate paint.

lIn the process of working, the surface of the material will come into contact with the machine, which will easily scratch the paint surface and affect the appearance.

lThe feeding width is not adjustable.

lWhen feeding, there is no fixing device, and the material is easy to move, which leads to the failure of forming.


We adopt the design of “3 supports&1 pressure”.There are 3 stainless steels below the steel plate to support it from  dropping,and 1 stainless steel to press it from upwaring.So that the steel plate would enter the main forming machine according to the established position.Suitable for steel coils of various materials and thicknesses; Stainless steel supporting roller plate to avoid scratching the color plate paint; 

guide feeding device