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Roof Sheet Produced by Glazed Tile Forming Machine-A Combination of Tradition And Modernity

Dec,12,2023 << Return list

On November 25, the "International Academic Exchange Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of East Asian Wooden Structures" was 

held in Quanzhou. Many experts from East Asian countries and well-known domestic scholars in related fields gathered here to discuss the 

protection and utilization of East Asian wood structures.


As a traditional building material with a long history, glazed tile is widely used in ancient architecture. In addition to inheriting the classic shape 

of ancient architecture, today's glazed tiles pay more attention to the practical value. Diverse appearance, beautiful and durable, convenient 

installation, short construction time, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good waterproof performance.

Our glazed tile roofing sheet machine is used to manufacture this kind of roof tile. Glazed roof tile roll forming machine is added a set of step-formed 

device in front of the shearing mechanism, aimed to form the steps.After cold rolling, step-formed, shearing and other processes, the products are used 

to build the exterior roof and wall panels of the house and the interior decorative panels or ceilings, etc, so that they increase the beauty and durability 

of the roof or wall. The surface of the finished product produced by the glazed tile press is smooth, smooth and without scratches.

All in all, antique glazed tile with its unique appearance and superior performance has become a highly sought after choice in architectural design, 

at the same time, glazed tile pressing machine is also widely used in the field of architecture.