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French Customers Visit For Investigation And Exchange

Nov,17,2023 << Return list

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous development of overseas markets, products produced by GEIT GROUP have attracted many foreign customers to visit with their unique advantages.

cold roll forming machine

On November 15, 2023, the  customer from French came to our company for a two-day visit. It is understood that French customers need to purchase suitable cold roll forming machine for the production of fences. Under the guidance of the staff of our company, he visited the production workshop and showed a strong interest in our products.He carefully observed and asked for details. The accompanying personnel gave a detailed introduction on the basic situation of our company,  cooperative customers, product advantages, technology and quality assurance in processing links.

GEIT GROUP specializes in the production of all kinds of cold forming machinery, the production of products including trapezoidal color steel tile

 forming machine, glazed tile roll forming machine,floor decking platemaking machine,etc.Our company has been committed to technological

 innovation and theimprovement of product quality.The visit of French customers once again demonstrated the strength of our company in 

the cold roll making machine field.

We always adhere to the customer-centric, in-depth understanding of customer pain points, to provide them with personalized, customized solutions.

We willcontinue to strengthen cooperation with the international market, constantly optimize products,to meet the needs of different customers.