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How Is The Solar Panel Bracket Produced

Nov,20,2023 << Return list

Solar panel bracket roll forming machine

Since 2023, in order to achieve the annual goals and tasks and promote the high-quality development of the industrial economy, major industrial enterprises in Shandan County are riveting full energy to grasp the production and improve efficiency, and the construction of a batch of major projects has accelerated.

Into one of the production workshops of Shandan high-tech enterprise incubation Park, we can see a number of gantry cranes slowly sliding. In the newly built solar panel bracket production line, the special  steel coil from the cold roll forming machine is slowly pulled out, after forming, punching, the cold steel coil gorgeous "transformed" into a square solar panel bracket.It is understood that the solar panel bracket is a special designed and installed to support, fix and rotate solar panel modules, which is equivalent to the "skeleton" of solar power stations.

Our company adopts advanced cold roll forming and punching processing technology to process raw materials, which makes the finished bracket with light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics.The service life can reach more than 25 years.Solar panel bracket roll forming machine of us,its main size is 41x41mm and 41x21mm.The suitable raw materials usually is galvanized steel plate.Some specific sizes can be customized,and we will provide customers with satisfactory solutions according to their needs.