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Do You Know What Are Applications of Cold Forming Machine in Agricultural Field

Nov,27,2023 << Return list

Kiribati is located in the central Pacific Ocean and most of the working population is engaged in subsistence farming. The government recently decided 

to further strengthen international cooperation to increase agricultural productivity.

To help Kiribati develop agriculture, China sent its first aid group in 2020. In order to solve the problem of agricultural water use, agricultural experts 

guide farmers to establish rainwater collection systems, and build water-saving irrigation equipment.To help increase local crop production, the technical 

team has helped farmers build vegetable greenhouses, conducted technical training on vegetables, aquaculture, agricultural machinery, and taught farmers 

farming techniques hand by hand.

cold forming machine in the agricultural field

cold forming machine in the agricultural field

In recent years, steel structure plant has been widely used in industrial and agricultural plant construction. However, when the plant is put into operation

or after a period of use, a large area of wet and dripping water on the ceiling increases the humidity of the workshop air, affects product quality, leads to 

reduced production efficiency, and even is forced to interrupt production, resulting in huge economic losses.

Geit group has successfully developed our new material roofing sheet which has convenience in construction, moisture-proof, earthquake-proof and 

corrosion-resistant under the efforts of continuous research.Trapezoidal roofing sheet produced by our roll forming machine making trapezoidal 

shape can be used as roof sheet in farms.Bracket produced by solar panel bracket system can be used for greenhouse construction, and the 

pipe welding machine can produce water pipes and other accessories used in rainwater collection systems and agricultural irrigation equipment.