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How cold roll forming machine is applied in the post-disaster reconstruction

Dec,22,2023 << Return list

On December 18, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit Jishishan county, Linxia prefecture, Gansu province. After the earthquake, all rescue forces rushed to 

the rescue, search and rescue, treatment of the injured, relocation, disaster verification, infrastructure repair and other earthquake relief work was 

carried out. In the reporter's report, we can see the figure of color coated steel roofing sheet everywhere. Let's take a look at how color steel tiles,a building material, is applied in the post-disaster rescue and reconstruction work.

Containerized housing plate forming machine

Containerized housing plate forming machine

1. The earthquake collapsed a large number of houses, causing many people to be displaced. Containerized housing plate forming machine can be used 

for housing construction, quickly build simple shelter in a short time. Bracket forming machine can quickly produce folding bed bracket, according to 

the production needs of adjustment procedures,to achieve the production of different models and specifications of folding bed bracket, which can provide 

temporary resettlement for the affected people.

2. The earthquake caused injuries to the masses and the shortage of medical resources in the disaster area. Medical stations built with colored steel plates 

can provide the medical assistance needed by people to ensure that residents in the disaster area get timely medical services.

3.After the earthquake, many places may be short of food supply. The establishment of food distribution centers through colored steel plates can effectively 

organize and distribute food aid to ensure the food and clothing of the affected people.

seismic brackets forming machine

4. Finally, we call on the whole society to pay more attention to earthquake prevention and use seismic brackets produced by seismic brackets forming machine 

in construction projects. In this way, when the earthquake occurs, the earthquake damage can be reduced, and the occurrence of secondary disasters can be reduced 

and prevented as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses.

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