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Application of purlins produced by purlin machine in steel structure building

Dec,06,2023 << Return list

Recently, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, Nankang district home town, a large prefabricated steel structure venue construction site, workers in the installation of welding building facade steel scaffolding. Ganzhou City vigorously develop the prefabricated construction industry, the construction of prefabricated steel structure cultural exhibition hall, sports venues, affordable housing and other livelihood projects.

Prefabricated steel structure buildings replace reinforced concrete with steel plates or purlins. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, purlins have higher strength and better anti-seismic resistance, and are also conducive to resolving excess capacity in traditional industries and achieving green development.

CZ Sigma purlins rolling machine for frame

Our company, GEIT GROUP, produces machines for C-purlin framing machine, Z purlin forming machine and CZ Sigma purlins rolling machine for frame making building materials C to Z.The size of the purlin is controlled by PLC.Holes punching is avaiable on this machine.Or what type of machine do you want to contact us, our designers will provide you with satisfactory solutions.