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Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

Technical detail:

 Sheet specifications:

    1.Raw material: PPGI GI PPGL GL

 2.Thickness: 0.4-0.8 mm

 3.Material Width: 610 mm

    4.Production Speed:0.15m/min

Product Details

Brief introduction:

Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener roofing system that features a flat space between vertical or trapezoidal legs.This metal roof system is one of the most durable and weatherproof roof systems available in the industry. Its concealed fastener design ensures that fasteners are not exposed to elements that could cause them to fail over time. Since the panels are clipped to the roof deck, they don't have any holes in nails or other fasteners that could allow moisture to seep in.


Our standing seam roll forming machine can produce perfect standing seam roofing sheet.

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